If you’re a business owner getting traffic to your blog can be an exercise in frustration. One effective way to do this is by leaving high quality comments on blogs in your niche. What? Your business doesnt have a blog yet? It can be one of the most effective customer engagement tools at your disposal, so let’s talk…..

CommentLuv Enabled Blogs – A List of Lists for You to Comment On

Here is a “list of lists” of CommentLuv enabled blogs. Why does this matter? Simple, one of the best ways to get more visitors to your blog is to leave comments on others’ blogs. Let’s clarify that a bit, though. Not just any comments work well for this, although backlink comment spammers will certainly try and prove me wrong on that score.

No, you need to leave well though out, constructive comments to make this strategy really pay off. Comments of the “Nice weblog” and “I have been learning much about this subject through your excellent writing. I will surely come back often” variety should be relegated to the blogging dustbin, post haste.

Yes, getting a backlink is all well and good, but as Google has proven over and over again, search engines are fickle beasts, seemingly anxious to reshuffle rankings at a moments notice, and worse, use somewhat fluid methods when it comes to deciding what ranks well and what’s hiding down there on page 26.

So, while it is nice to get a backlink to tickle te search engine’s fancy in hopes of upping your search engine results, what’s really important is getting new visitors to your pages. That’s what it is all about in the end anyway, isn’t it; more traffic?

The Only Three Ways

You have only three real ways of getting traffic to your website or blog (really, one in the same). You can get search engine traffic, people can either type in your site url directly or hit it from a book mark, or you can get interested visitors from external links.

We’ve already seen search engines can be fickle, and people who type in your link or click through from a bookmark already know about your site. That means the only way to get new visitors without worrying about the SERPs is to get links out there in places full of folks likely to be interested in your site and what they’ll find there.

Leaving comments that are such works of art that it compells readers to click through to your web site or blog is one effective way to get the targeted traffic you’re after. Leaving them only on on high quality blogs ensures that you will find the kind of visitors you’re looking for, and lots of them. Unfortunately, many blogs don’t allow comments, or don’t allow links you can use to get traffic to your site.

A sure fire method to ensure that you can leave comments that will contain a link is to post comments on CommentLuv enabled blogs. Incase you’ve been doing your best VanWinkle lately, CommentLuv is a plugin that encourages readers to leave comments by giving them a sig link, and also a link to their last post.

It fetches your blog’s feed to get the post link, so be sure everything is working fine. If you don’t handle that for your business, have your web developer check into it for you. It is a good idea to have your feed in working order even if you’re not using CommentLuv, so chop, chop.

Here is a list of several lists containing CommentLuv enabled blogs. I use these regularly to get comments for my own and clients’ blogs. Yes, there are some duplicate blogs between the lists.

The List of Lists

Techgyo.com -  This is a great list of 113 CommentLuv and do-follow blogs, arranged by page rank.


Hive Health Media – As the name suggests, these 18 blogs all deal with the health and fitness niche.


Traffic Generation Cafe – Ana Hoffman, over at Traffic Generation Cafe, has compiled a nice list of 123 CL and DF blogs that actively encourage comments. Most are in the online marketing niche, but she has a nice list of those in other niches as well. They are arranged by PR.


JR, at his blog Jrs Internet Marketing Strategies has a list of 132 DF and CommentLuv enabled blogs for you to chose from, sorted by topic.


Infopeer.com – a huge list


KeywordLuv – SEO Blog

Here is a massive list of keywordluv enabled blogs from Adam, at the KeywordLuv-SEO blog. None of the blogs are hyperlinked, so you’ll have to resort to cut and paste, but that’s not a big deal. They are arranged by PR, form high to low.


Zeeshan at 2startblog.com has a great list as well, and it was recently compiled, so most ofthem are still ready to comment on. Check iot out here:


This list o lists should keep you occupied for a while. Remember, leave actual comments that someone may well read and think you have enough on the ball to click on over to your site. It’s worth a try, because hey, you have a really nice weblog!

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