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What a 7-yr Old Can Teach Us About Online Marketing, Really!

My daughter is 9 years old, and by all accounts, a bit ahead of the curve. Yeah, sure all parents say that, but in this case it’s true. I was unaware just how ahead of the curve she is in so many areas until my sister in law showed me something she scrawled on a piece of paper when she found her cousin would be needing money for her impending college experience.

She’s shown a knack for knowledge in a great many subjects, and exhibited an entrepreneurial bent on other occasions too, but I was unprepared for her depth of knowledge on the marketing front.

As you can see from the accompanying pic, she hit the nail on the head in more than one area.

Marketing Plan from a 7 year old

Can a 7 year old pen a viable marketing plan? It’s surely a few details shy of a load, but does include more details than you’d think a 7 year old would possibly think of.

Get a computer – resources required – necessary business equipment

Products that are easy to sell online, with built in demand:

Toys, sports equipment, or other stuff you do not want

Pokemon cards, Yugion cards, sports cards, Legos

Find a thriving online marketplace


The next two really floored me, remember, she was 7 yrs old when she wrote this.

Make YouTube videos advertising your stuff

Make a link to it

So, what can my 7 (now 9) year old teach us about online marketing?

The basics that sometimes get overlooked, as we focus so much on “new” marketing such as social media, other content driven strategies, and mobile marketing. There is certainly reason to focus on these exciting, new developments, yet at it’s core, marketing is much the same as it’s always been.

Sell products and services with high demand.

Sell them in thriving markets with low expenses.

Use effective advertising and promotional strategies.

Give prospective customers an easy way to get to what you’re selling.

Come to think of it, those are keys for all marketing, online or off.

Maybe she’ll be president of her own business some day, but whether or not business is her true calling or not, she sure showed uncanny intuition in that direction.

Pretty cool, huh?

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