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Small Businesses Love Content Marketing, But

Small Business Loves Content Marketing, But

The Small Business Content Marketing Trend – Up, but why the disconect?

Most small businesses (10 – 99 employees) are now firmly on board the content marketing bandwagon, and, studies show, happy to be there. For content creators and CM consultants such as me, that’s great news indeed. Even better is a puzzling statistic that portends busy days ahead for the likes of us.

The CM Conundrum

In recent research by the Content Marketing Institute, small businesses showed dramatic contrast to their enterprise peers regarding to their content marketing strategy, tactics, and execution. Most striking are three statistics that grabbed me by the neck and slapped me like a triple Starbucks Caramel Macchiato with extra Caramel:

Only 34 percent believe they, themselves are effective at content marketing, yet 46% plan to increase their content marketing spending, and (here’s the kicker) indicate their greatest problem is creating enough high quality content. It doesn’t stop there, although you may well think it should.

Just Don’t Ask

While they say they aren’t really able to create enough content, and that is the primary reason they aren’t doing as well at content marketing as they could, they aren’t asking for help, either. At least they aren’t going outside their organizations to find it.

The majority (57%) keep all their content creation in-house, while only 3% outsource all their content creation needs. That means:

1) Small businesses plan to do more content marketing, although they:

2) Don’t feel as though they are effective at it because they:

3) Can’t produce enough high quality content, but still most

4) Try to produce all their content in-house.

The Small Business Content Marketing Contradiction

That’s interesting. There is a strategy they feel is effective, and they say they are going to do more of it. That makes sense so far. BUT, most businesses don’t feel THEY are effective at it, primarily because they can’t do enough.

If this were any other business function, most companies would look to external providers. Fleet maintenance, for example…. Small businesses with vehicle fleets, even those with maintenance departments, regularly outsource maintenance functions when analysis reveals the need. Printing, advertising, accounting, and many other business functions are outsourced regularly.

Why then, do companies show a reluctance to outsource their content marketing, although they feel it is effective, plan to increase it, and can’t keep up with their current demands?

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments, please.

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