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We Tell Compelling Brand Stories With Content

Your brand has a story. People deserve to hear it!

We Help You Tell It.

Content marketing is no accident. It’s now a well proven marketing strategy that will get your brand noticed, increase consumer engagement, and ultimately, drive sales.

We tell stories that do just that for you. Telling compelling brand stories isn’t enough. Knowing which to tell, to whom, and where makes all the difference.

  • Where do your customers live?
  • What makes them tick?
  • How can your brand be their solution and part of their lives?

We’ve over a decade of copy writing, crafting compelling web content, building leading blogs, and writing for magazines and e-zines. We know the ins and outs of online content. It’s different from other publishing venues.

In the end though, it’s all about storytelling.

Content Marketing – Your Big Opportunity… If

As consumers increasingly look for pertinent and timely information about what you’re selling and things related to it, you have an powerful opportunity to be their information provider of choice. You’ll build one of the most coveted things in business; a long term relationship with a prospect, who becomes your customer, and stays one. As a bonus, it delivers an ROI most other marketing can’t touch.

It’s no cake walk, however.

Effective content marketing demands careful strategic planning, in addition to the right kind of content. That’s just the start.  Delivering measureable results requires special content that brings prospects in, as it gets your message out…. and delivers relationship building value.

Too many businesses approach content marketing with a “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” approach. That saps precious resources, and all too often, fails to deliver.

That’s where careful planning and content creation comes in.

Most Pixels Marketing Solutions offers you the opportunity to build and maintain those relationships.

Our Content Marketing Consulting Offers You:

Content Strategy and Strategic Planning

  • What are your goals?
  • How best to achieve your goals using content, while maximizing your ROI
  • How to employ a results-focused strategy to get your company noticed, build your brand, engage consumers and drive sales.
  • Discover what your prospects and customers are searching for, socializing about, and wanting in a brand, and then plan a content strategy to make you the center of it.

Content Analysis, Testing and Tracking – Existing and New Initiatives

  • What are you doing right? – If you’re doing content marketing now, chances are good things aren’t a total loss.
  • What are you missing? On the other hand, even if you have an effective content marketing presence, there are probably some adjustments that would help you increase leads, build better relationships, and drive sales.
  • What success metrics should you be testing, and how should you be using them?

Marketing Content Development

  • What content modalities and styles will best take you where you want to go?
  • Editorial calender development and support – Your editorial calendar is one of the most critical pieces of your content marketing campaign. Does yours cut the mustard?
  • Content creation to meet  needs. – Industry research shows that frequent blog posting significantly increases website traffic and inbound leads.  Is content creation on the scale necessary to get those increases a chore?


With the Right Plan, Content, and Distribution, You Will:

  • Get Noticed
  • Engage Customers
  • Drive Sales….with a better ROI, and long term growth

What Our Content Creation Customers Say:

Steve is one of those rare individuals who understands the custom integration industry and its products and he is ALSO an excellent writer.
His thorough, detail oriented content was always of the highest quality and he never missed a deadline

Maureen Jenson: Executive Editor – North American Publishing Company

Steve contributed an excellent article for an issue of Search Marketing Standard magazine, as well as a number of posts for our blog. Steve’s knowledge of the field of SEM/SEO is impressive, but it is his talent at presenting the material in a well-written, persuasive manner that impresses me most. His articles even arrive well in advance of the deadline!”

Frances Krug: Editor –  iNET Interactive

Not only did Steve never miss a deadline, he was crucial as a contributor because he pitched exciting and relevant stories and delivered articles that were ready to publish. He a great writer and he keeps up with topics, helping the magazine and editors keep abreast of an expansive industry.”

Krissy Rushing: Editor – Curtco Publishing


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