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Email Marketing Strategies that Work to Drive Long Term ROI (Part2)

Email Marketing Strategies That Work to Drive Long Term ROI (Part 2) After 4+ years we've made some discoveries as to what kind of email gets our customers more business, and higher ROI long term. Some of this is through the prism of what works for tech contracting business and other similar businesses. They are [...]

Email Marketing Strategies to Drive ROI

Email Marketing Strategies to Drive ROI What We've Discovered to Boost Client's Email ROI  - Part 1 If you're using email marketing or considering it, there are several key things you need to know that drive long term ROI. No matter what type of business you run, what vertical you're in, or how your sales [...]

Using Content Marketing to Amplify Your Digital Footprint

How to Use Content Marketing to Amplify Your Digital Footprint 6 Content Marketing Experts Reveal the Inside Track Content marketing is used by nearly all brands now, large and small. Most have seen the light. It matters not what they’re selling; consulting services (Ok, you got me…), blue widgets, or political aspirations. Today, consumers make [...]

3 Vital LinkedIn Profile Questions You Must Answer

3 Vital LinkedIn Profile Questions You Must Answer There are 3 LinkedIn profile questions you must answer when creating your profile, or LinkedIn will likely not deliver anywhere near the results it should for you. That would be a crying shame, because the suit and tie social network can deliver in spades, if you let [...]

Create Credible Branded Content – 7 Keys From the Experts

7 Keys to Create Credible Branded Content Bridge Your Content Credibility Gap Content is a powerful marketing tool, if organizations create credible branded content. After all, content is tasked with helping brands build credibility, among other things. If it can't walk the walk the walk, it had better walk the plank. Do consumers trust branded [...]

11 Steps to Grow Your Brand’s Marketing Sphere of Influence

11 Key Steps to Grow Your Brand's Marketing Sphere of Influence Always Be Closing? Hardly! Put away the sales pitch, Bevis! Sure, eventually you want to sell, but the point of your initial contact is bringing people into your ”Marketing Sphere of Influence”. There, you'll build long term personal/business relationships that will eventually lead to [...]

7 Critical Steps to Create Marketing Content That Works – You Missing One?

7 Critical Steps to Create Marketing Content That Works Are YOU Missing One? Now that you're ready to create marketing content, what steps do you take to ensure your content grabs the perfect potential customers and leads them straight to the open arms of your sales team? If your content's done its job, they'll follow [...]

Social Media Marketing – Should You Use Tumblr, Instagram, or StumbleUpon…. When No One Else Does?

Don't let the sun set on your social media marketing campaign. Analyze the alternatives. Is your audience there? According to the latest research from the Content Marketing Institute, few B2B marketers use Tumblr, Instagram, or StumbleUpon as part of their social media marketing campaigns. Does that mean you should avoid them too? After [...]