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Content Marketing

Increase Website Conversion Rate – What Major Brands Know That You Don’t

There are only two things you can do to boost revenue from your online presence: increase website conversion rate, and grow  traffic. Doing both can net you big gains, but increasing conversion rates can grow revenues, even with declining traffic numbers.

There are some strategies that major brands and their megabuck marketing research departments have […]

Small Businesses Love Content Marketing, But

Small Business Loves Content Marketing, But

Most small businesses (10 – 99 employees) are now firmly on board the content marketing bandwagon, and, studies show, happy to be there. For content creators and CM consultants such as me, that’s great news indeed. Even better is a puzzling statistic that portends busy days ahead for the […]

6 Keys to Content Marketing Many Marketers Still Lose in the Couch

Keys to Content Marketing Success
Content marketing is gaining steam rapidly, and the strategy has now moved far beyond the halls of cutting-edge marketing departments and into the mainstream. That’s not to say it’s past the growing pains though.

There is still plenty to learn by marketers rushing to join the CM party. Mere adoption by […]

Content Marketing That Works in 2013 – It Takes a Village?

Content Marketing That Works in 2013 – Key Sources Say You’ll Need to Revamp Your Organization in 2013 to Meet Content and Social Media Marketing Demands

There is no doubt, as we sail ahead into the uncharted waters that are 2013, content marketing is one of the key marketing strategies we’ll take

with us from 2012. […]

How to Maximize Content Distribution So More People See It

There is no question that content marketing is uber-effective. After all, so many successful businesses don’t jump on a marketing strategy and stay with it if it doesn’t work. There’s also no question that one of the main keys to success is maximizing your content distribution. A primary campaign goal is having as many […]

Content Marketing – How Giving Away The Farm Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Offer Based Content Marketing and How to Use It
Quick, name a marketing strategy that’s now being used by 91% of B2B marketers in a recent industry survey……

What’s more, it’s increasing fast. So rapidly in fact, that more than half of those businesses using it plan on increasing their commitment to it in the coming […]