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Social Media Marketing – Should You Use Tumblr, Instagram, or StumbleUpon…. When No One Else Does?

Don't let the sun set on your social media marketing campaign. Analyze the alternatives. Is your audience there?

According to the latest research from the Content Marketing Institute, few B2B marketers use Tumblr, Instagram, or StumbleUpon as part of their social media marketing campaigns. Does that mean you should avoid them too? After all, many marketers and organizational leaders follow the 80/20 rule; put the lion’s share of your resources into the areas …

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4 Powerful Marketing Trends Your Organization Must Embrace in 2013

Mobile communications is only one of the many marketing trends consumers have embraced that will influence marketing this year.

Marketing Trends 2013 Business is undergoing a fundamental transformation. New marketing trends for 2013 will dominate going forward. Sure, some things about business and marketing never change, but in 2013 there are some important changes brewing. You can jump on board with them, or watch from the tracks, as the caboose recedes into the distance, and you’re left …

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Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes You’re Likely to Make in 2013 and How to Avoid Them 

Social media can deliver the kind of returnfew other marketing tactics can, if you use it wisely.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes Brands Made in 2012… or What NOT to Do in 2013 As a marketing tool, social media seemingly knows no bounds. Businesses large and small, B2B and B2C, and all manner of brands are flocking to it like monster truck fans to free beer hour. Any time something experiences such rapid growth, be …

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B2B Social Media Marketing – How Do So Many Brands Get it So Wrong?

B2B Marketers - You'll really feel the love if you go beyond simply marketing on social media and statrt lsitening to it.

The Social Window…. If you ran a business and had a veritable window into people’s souls, especially those who you wanted to do business with, would you ignore it? Not if you wanted your business to succeed, yet that’s exactly what appears to be standard operating procedure for many of the country’s execs operating in …

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